04 November 2008

The Dawn of a New Age

Barack Obama won, but John McCain's concession speech... hearing his message of unity come out only at the very end of the election season made me really sad. I originally supported him over Obama because of his record of reaching across the aisle. Obama was good as talking about things like working together, but almost always voted with the party. McCain had proven that he could negotiate and compromise. Then, I began to realize that he was not what the country needed right now.

It did not need another Republican, no matter his record. The past seven years have left a lot a lot of scars, and their bearers are bitter.
It did not need another old white guy. What better way to tell the world that we apologize than to elect the opposite?
It did not need the negativity. McCain's attacks only made Obama's message of hope look brighter.
Lastly, it did not need Sarah Palin. It solidified the Republican party's base, but alienated many independants.

I really wish McCain had campaigned on unity as Obama did on hope. I guess it's too late for that, so let's take this well-deserved break from all the partisan bickering to savor this historic moment. Who knows, it might spur you on to start a blog.

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